Video Game Review

Super Mario 3D Land is everything that you could ever want in a Super Mario game. There is much fun to be had, secrets to be found, cool powerups, an excellent Super Mario atmosphere, and even a pretty sizable amount of levels to play & explore.

Super Mario 3D Land does an excellent job of showing off the 3DS’ 3D capabilities & 3D landscapes, while approaching it from a 2D mindset. By saying that, I mean it is fairly straight forward how to get through the levels, but it creates the illusion of a wide & vast world to explore.

I had a lot of fun playing through this title, although just make sure to grab as many of the three Star Medals that are hidden around every level that you can find. If you don’t, at the midway point of the game you will need to go back and find more in order to advance to further levels to beat the game in its entirety.