Video Game Review

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby is essentially the same game that you remember for the Game Boy Advance, but with revamped 3D graphics- similar to that of Pokemon X/Y. Think of it as Pokemon Sapphire or Ruby on steroids. The same story line in the game is present but is expanded upon slightly, giving a few little tweaks to seasoned Pokemon veterans during their new playing experience. One of the main story line changes is the addition of a plot regarding mega evolutions which helps add a new wrinkle to things.

Some other minor changes help add some excitement to the reboot of this old classic. However, the thing that sets it apart (other than the graphics) from it’s originator is the fact that it is on new hardware capable of online WiFi play for battles, trades, and special gifts. You can even receive special, highly leveled Pokemon for free using the new gift system.

Really, when it comes down to it- Pokemon is Pokemon. You either like the way it plays, or you don’t. If you’re a fan, definitely give this one a shot. If you didn’t like the series too much with its past installments then there’s a great chance you won’t like this one much either. It’s a solid game that features many hours of good game play and replay value with the tried and true Pokemon system. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab Pokemon Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby and go catch ’em all!