Video Game Review

New Super Mario Bros. U is yet another excellent entry in the WiiU exclusive library. If you are a fan of the way that Mario used to be played (for example: Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. Wii) then this game will be right up your alley!

In New Super Mario Bros. U you will have a total of 8 worlds to explore and conquer. If you’re meticulous throughout your time beating this game, you will be collecting giant gold star coins- of which 3 are available in each level and will be used later on to unlock the fabled Star Road… or as is the case in this game, “Superstar Road”.

What makes this game unique is the fact that playing it solo and multi-player brings forth essentially two separate gaming experiences. My play-through of New Super Mario Bros. U was with my girlfriend. Much like it’s Wii predecessor, New Super Mario Bros. U let’s you play with up to 4 players simultaneously in the same level. This presents many challenges as you can bump into each other when you don’t want to, steal all the power-ups by accident (or on purpose), and many times you will need to coordinate your difficult jumps accordingly! This game can technically be played with five players, as the fifth player will control the Wii U game-pad to utilize boost mode. Boost mode is where the fifth player taps the touch screen on the game-pad to give helper blocks for those playing to jump on to reach secret and hard-to-reach areas.

The graphics are gorgeous, the music is as you would expect from a Mario game, the controls are smooth, and it’s Mario- so of course it’s fun! The only things that hold this back from being a perfect entry are the fact that the multi-player mode can get extremely annoying at times and there aren’t too many memorable levels like those in past Super Mario Bros. entries (except this level). In saying that, New Super Mario Bros. U is a great game that is a must have for any WiiU owner.