Video Game Review

Hyrule Warriors is a no-nonsense type of game. Where the game really shines is the Legend Mode, which is essentially your standard Story Mode. Along with Legend Mode are other game play modes such as Free Mode (go back and play any of the maps as any character that you unlock) and Adventure Mode (which uses an old-school Zelda map-style grid in which you fight battles to acquire heart containers, new weapons, power-ups, and even unlock more characters). In Legend Mode, you will be hacking and slashing your way through hordes of various enemies while playing on both of the “Good” and “Bad” sides of the Zelda spectrum. Legend Mode starts off a bit slow, but about halfway through it will enthrall you and you will find it hard to put the game down even for a few hours.

If you’ve played any of the Dynasty Warriors games, then you get the idea behind the battle system. Basically you are hacking and slashing. There are combos that are executed, but they are extremely mindless such as pressing the same button in a row 5 times, then pressing another, etc. You know, those types of combos. I will say that it is extremely gratifying to plow your way through thousands of enemies in every battle. Along the way you will be picking up new weapons, power-ups, items, and materials that will aid you either in the current battle or help you out after the battle for various upgrades.

The controls are very tight and well executed. The graphics are beautiful in all of their HD glory. Hyrule Warriors is a very vibrant game and there’s always so much going on at the same time on the screen that it’s amazing how they pulled all of that off. The music is stupendous as well, many of these remixed Zelda rock tracks will be stuck in your head long after powering off the console. Overall, this is a very fun game. In saying that, Hyrule Warriors is far from perfect. To some the game play can be extremely repetitive. Also, the post-battle upgrade systems can be a bit cumbersome, and even confusing at times. There are also some puzzles in the game that you will need to execute some trial & error methods in order to figure out how to defeat an enemy, or advance further into the level. And seriously… why Nintendo didn’t include online co-op into this game is beyond me!

Hyrule Warriors is a fun time. This isn’t a ground breaking game by any means, but I find it hard pressed that any fan of either/both Zelda or Dynasty Warriors won’t enjoy this game. It’s also kind of newbie friendly, so if you’re just looking for something fun to pick up and play- the learning curve is not all that difficult. Hyrule Warriors is an excellent addition to the growing & awesome Nintendo WiiU library. Give it a shot!