Video Game Review

Fairune is a cute, quirky little RPG that's available for a modest $2.99 price (at the time of this review, $1.99!) on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. If that doesn't float your boat, it's also available for IoS/Android for a staggering price of- Free! But for the basis of this review, we will focus on the Nintendo 3DS version of Fairune.

In Fairune you take on the role of a young girl. It's up to you to find three different elemental icons (Flame, Water, and Wind) in order to go forward to seal away a "mysterious menace" for all eternity. That’s Fairune in a nutshell: pretty standard, pretty straight forward.

The first thing you will probably notice about Fairune is it's graphics and music. Everything is rather bright and cheerful and there are actually some pretty killer music tracks during this quest! The game play itself is fairly reminiscent of the classic RPG series YS. To attack enemies, you simply run into them. You have a leveling system that is based off of "recommended enemies" and when you kill a certain number of them, you go up a level. So as you can expect, there is a minimal amount of grinding involved in this game. But since it's not a turn-based/random battle RPG, the grinding is very minimal. The leveling up is fairly necessary, as certain enemies cannot be killed unless you are already at a certain level.

Another element to this game, and possibly the biggest, is the puzzle element. There are numerous puzzles, items, and hidden items to be found throughout Fairune. Most items will be used to advance farther into the game, and some items will have to even be used more than once (Pro-tip: Make sure to pick your items up after you use them if you are able to). At times the mixture of these puzzle elements and graphics reminds me of the classic game: Chip's Challenge.

Believe it or not- there's actually a decent amount of replay value to Fairune. As previously mentioned, there are hidden items that you will likely miss on your first playthrough. There's also an achievement system which is always a nice touch. So for such a short game, there's always incentive to go back and be a completionist.

There's really not much else to say about Fairune. I beat it in just under 3 hours, and it could probably be beaten in about 2 flat if you whip right through it. It has some cool RPG & puzzle elements involved, the graphics and music are neat, but all-in-all this game is not an epic by any stretch of the imagination. There isn't a great variety within the gameplay (outside of the final pseudo-SHMUP boss battle, which is a nice change of pace), the game isn't long, it's not overly challenging, etc. However there is a certain charm and interest that you will have while playing it. If anything else, Fairune could serve as a great poo & play bathroom game! For $2-3 bucks, who can go wrong?