Video Game Review

As a big fan of old school Disney games, I was immediately drawn to Epic Mickey – Power of Illusion on the Nintendo 3DS. This game is essentially a sequel to the amazing Sega Genesis entry known as Castle of Illusion (check out my review for that here). Power of Illusion does a wonderful job of capturing the atmosphere of the first game, and even does an amazing job at some music remastering from Castle of Illusion. Let me tell ya, some of the new renditions of the soundtrack sent me on a FEELS TRIP, to say the least.

The evil witch Mizrabel is back up to her old tricks using her powers of illusion in her castle. It’s up to you, Mickey Mouse (and Jiminy Cricket) to go through the castle and rescue both fellow Disney friends and foes alike to help them break out of Mizrabel’s evil spells. There is decent replay value with this aspect of the game as when you rescue characters, there are other items, accompanying characters, and actions to carry out in order to help them get acquainted in their new “rescue rooms”. For example, when you rescue Uncle Scrooge, if you upgrade his room enough he will then give you the ability to upgrade your weapons– it’s little things like this that help give Power of Illusion it’s unique stamp in the Mickey Mouse game series.

Power of Illusion actually does a good job of utilizing the 3D features of the 3DS, which some games fail to do. The game play, however, is where this game falls a little short. The painting mechanics of the game can be a bit annoying as it doesn’t offer up much variation as you go along in the game. At times I also found Power of Illusion to be a little too easy and generally not as captivating as its predecessor.

Power of Illusion is relatively short, but on the bright side it’s also incredibly cheap. For any fans of old school Disney games, or just someone who enjoyed Castle of Illusion in the past, I recommend you give it a go. Just keep in mind that this is not as good as its retro counterparts.