Tecmo Super Bowl - Miami Dolphins Overview

Tecmo Super Bowl - Miami DolphinsThe Miami Dolphins are one of my favorite teams to use in Tecmo Super Bowl. I would consider them in the upper-middle echelon as far as power rankings go. They are an extremely solid team that's hampered by only a few weak areas (We'll get into those below). If not for a few short comings, there's no doubt that the Fish would be in the elite category. But, when your Tecmo Super Bowl team is led by nice Italian boy Danny Marino... anything can happen!

*Keep in mind, all this is based on a regular game on the Nintendo, not an emulator/league. You are also playing each player at their real position, for example- no WR running the football as a RB*

Miami Dolphins Key Players

  • QB1, Dan Marino [6 MS, 81 PS, 69 PC, 69 APB]
  • WR1, Mark Clayton [31 RS, 44 MS, 50 BC, 69 REC]
  • WR2, Mark Duper [38 RS, 50 MS, 50 BC, 63 REC]
  • TE2, Jim Jensen [31 MS, 44 HP, 50 BC, 69 REC]
  • OL, AVG hit power of 66.4
  • RE, Jeff Cross [38 RS, 50 RP, 56 MS, 50 HP, 19 INT]
  • LILB, John Offerdahl [38 RS, 50 RP, 56 MS, 44 HP, 31 INT]
  • FS, Louis Oliver [38 RS, 44 RP, 56 MS, 56 HP, 56 INT]
  • SS, Jarvis Williams [38 RS, 44 RP, 56 MS, 56 HP, 56 INT]

Miami Dolphins Tips, Hints, and Strategy


  • This team is pass heavy- so my main advice would be to pass early & often! However, your opponent will be expecting the pass and the run will likely be wide open all game- which can lead to a big day for RB1 Sammy Smith!
  • You have Dan Marino as your QB. Even with his lack of MS (6), to me he is one of the top 5 QBs in Tecmo Super Bowl. That 81 PS is nothing to downplay! If you don't call a great game against Danny boy, he will be striking lasers in and out of your defense. His 69 PC also helps give him coverage catches galore!
  • The Dolphins have an excellent group of receiving threats. "The Marks Brothers" come out with 44 MS / 69 REC & 50 MS / 63 REC respectively. Combined with Marino's cannon, this can lead to many hike & strikes, as well as coverage catches on the opposing defenses. The TEs are also probably the best overall group in Tecmo Super Bowl. TE1 Ferrell Edmunds has a pretty nice 38 MS as the starter, but the true gem is TE2 Jim Jensen who only loses 1 notch of MS (down to 31) compared to good ole Ferrell, but his 69 REC can also lead to some CC matchup problems for your opponents.
  • Now the bad part- the running backs. The Miami Dolphins running backs BLEED mediocrity as they all possess 38 MS outside of RB2 Tony Paige who boasts only 31 MS (but to be fair, he's a fullback so his 88 HP / 44 REC are useful in the running game, passing game, and the return game). I always roll with RB1 Sammy Smith as his 63 HP is better than that of Stradford & Logan. The Miami Dolphins have a solid OL, which coupled with defenses being scared of Marino can open up some holes for the Dolphins running backs. I would recommend checking conditions every quarter and roll with the RB that's in Good or Excellent.


  • The Miami Dolphins defense as a whole is solid. You have at least 1 useable defender on every layer of the defense.
  • RE Jeff Cross has 50 RP which makes him more than capable to use on the Dolphins DL.
  • If you're looking for some pressure on the inside, or to help out with the secondary, you can control LILB John Offerdahl. Offs comes at you with 50 RP, 56 MS, and 31 INT which are pretty decent for an inside LB. The downside to Offerdahl? His 44 HP is pretty low and tends to get pancaked quite a bit. Hit the weight room, BRAH!
  • Finally the secondary- specifically the Dolphins safeties! These are the guys that I recommend you use the majority of the time. Both Jarvis Williams and Louis Oliver possess the same solid stats (38 RS, 44 RP, 56 MS, 56 HP, 56 INT)- making them a mirror of each other. On the whole, it's easiest to play defense with good safeties- so unless there's a situation that dictates otherwise, 90% of the game I will be controlling one of these 2 defenders.
  • While the Miami Dolphins have a solid all-around defense, this is not an elite unit. There is no absolute beast on the front 7, nor are there any ridiculously high INT guys in the secondary. As a result, you will need to call a good game and have good user skills to ensure that Danny boy will get that W!

Special Teams

  • K Pete Stoyanovich is a good one! 69 KA and 75 AKB make Stoy one of the finest kickers in the game.
  • For the return game, do yourself a favor and stick RB2 Tony Paige back there. His 44 RS & 88 HP are your best bet.
  • P Reggie Roby's watch tho #rip