Tecmo Super Bowl - Indianapolis Colts Overview

Tecmo Super Bowl - Indianapolis ColtsAh, the Indianapolis Colts... Tecmo Hell! The Colts are easily the worst team in Tecmo Super Bowl, and to be honest with you? There isn't much to talk about when it comes to this dumpster fire of a team. A team that went from 7-9 (1990) to 1-15 (1991) the very next season, you aren't really surprised when they stink this bad. Perhaps they would have benefitted slightly from having Eric Dickerson in the game... but at this point in time he was pretty washed up, so I'd say we would be looking at 44 MS anyway. I digress.

*Keep in mind, all this is based on a regular game on the Nintendo, not an emulator/league. You are also playing each player at their real position, for example- no WR running the football as a RB*

Indianapolis Colts Key Players

  • WR1, Bill Brooks [38 RS, 38 MS, 50 BC, 69 REC]
  • WR2, Jessie Hester [44 RS, 38 MS, 50 BC, 63 REC]
  • RB2, Albert Bentley [44 MS, 31 HP, 50 BC, 63 REC]

Indianapolis Tips, Hints, and Strategy


  • You have a great set of receivers on this squad with the starting WRs and RB2 Albert Bentley, considering how bad the rest of the team is (69 REC, 63 REC, and 63 REC respectively). Use this as your strength offensively.
  • QB1 Jeff George is pretty crappy, and QB2 Jack Trudeau is the better option for the starting QB as he boasts higher MS, PC, and APB than Jeff George. But don't get it twisted- they both blow (Trudeau's PC is 38... yuck).
  • RB2 Albert Bentley is probably your best all around player as he has a serviceable 44 MS out of the backfield and a nice 63 REC, making him a dual threat that the Colts lackluster offense really needs.
  • If things aren't working for you offensively, I would reccomend the pray for a JJ strategy since at the very least your receivers are talented.


  • Pray. Call the best game of your life and hope for some Tecmo Super Bowl luck/bounces!
  • ROLB Duane Bickett and FS Mike Prior are your "best" defensive players... I say that loosely. I would not go out of your way to use these guys, rather make smart decisions as to which position best defends which formation the opposing offense throws your way. Literally no one on the Colts defense has any stat that stands out amongst the rest in Tecmo Super Bowl.
  • Keep praying... harder.

Special Teams

  • K Dean Biasucci is pretty terrible (38 KA), my advice is not to try any long field goals with him if at all possible.