Tecmo Super Bowl - Buffalo Bills Overview

Tecmo Super Bowl - Buffalo BillsIn the grand scheme of all things Tecmo Super Bowl, the Buffalo Bills are pretty darn good. This was at the point in time where the Bills where at their peak. Smack dab in the middle of their 4 consecutive AFC Championship title run... or 4 consecuvite Super Bowl loss run, however you want to view it. This team is one that relies heavily on their offense. While there are some playmakers on the defense, they are not a top notch Tecmo Super Bowl unit. Without further ado, let's start breaking them down!

*Keep in mind, all this is based on a regular game on the Nintendo, not an emulator/league. You are also playing each player at their real position, for example- no WR running the football as a RB*

Buffalo Bills Key Players

  • QB1, QB Bills [13 MS, 56 PS, 81 PC, 81 APB]
  • RB1, Thurman Thomas [38 RS, 63 MS, 25 HP, 75 BC, 50 REC]
  • WR2, Andre Reed [25 RS, 56 MS, 56 BC, 69 REC]
  • OL, AVG hit power 60.2
  • RDE, Bruce Smith [44 RS, 56 RP, 69 MS, 75 HP, 25 INT]
  • ROLB, Darryl Talley [31 RS, 44 RP, 50 MS, 38 HP, 44 INT]
  • LOLB, C. Bennett [38 RS, 50 RP, 63 MS, 63 HP, 19 INT]

Buffalo Bills Tips, Hints, and Strategy


  • Keep opposing defenses off balance with QB Bills' excellent passing attack (56 PS, 81 PC), and RB1 Thurman Thomas' 63 MS.
  • If things aren't going well with the passing game, start giving RB1 Thurman Thomas the rock, and vice versa.
  • If QB Bills goes into bad and QB2 Frank Reich goes into good or excellent, he can serve as a viable scrambling QB due to his decent PC and then elevated MS (In good, Reich would be 19 MS/38 PS/50 PC, and in excellent he would be 25 MS/44 PS/56 PC).
  • You have a very good jump ball option WR in Andre Reed, his 56 MS and 69 REC combined with QB bills 81 PC can be a lethal combination (and even with quick passes).
  • With a very good offensive line, few teams will be able to bully the line of scrimmage of the Bills.
  • Start WR3 Don Beebe over James Lofton at WR2 if you need more speed to the offense.


  • Defensively, always use either RDE Bruce Smith or LOLB Cornelius Bennett- don't mess around with other players, unless you KNOW you can lock down a play given the opposing teams play/playbook selection.
  • LOLB Cornelius Bennett can wreck total havoc on the opposing running game due to his defensive position.
  • The Bills lack a good pass defense due to low INT ratings, as a result you will need to call a good game defensively and be able to limit the big plays to the best of your ability. Remember: your offense is your money maker, so if you get a stop or two, it very well may likely decide the game in your favor.

Special Teams

  • As was the case with the 1990/1991 Super Bowl against the Giants, don't rely on K Scott Norwood to win the game for you. His pedestrian 44 KA is poor.
  • Make sure you have RB2 Jamie Mueller your KR/PR at all times, his 88 HP is key in the return game.